I’m a Danish Product Designer living in Perth, Australia. I make a positive impact through good design.

Currently at Envato where I build tools for Envato's marketplaces and contributors. Previously at Epidemic Sound.


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David Bograd

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I currently work at Envato, where I build tools for Envato's marketplaces and contributors.

Before Envato I was at Epidemic Sound, where I lead the design for Soundry, a music streaming service built for small/medium-sized businesses.

Previously I've been building a social video app at Told, building web for clients such as Microsoft at an agency in Copenhagen, and freelanced for more than 100 clients.

I’m a self-taught Designer and have been working in the industry for a handful of years, before I went to Hyper Island where I studied Digital Data Strategy to broaden my skillset.

When not working you can catch me visiting new interesting places in the world. Traveling and meeting new cultures mean a lot to me. I like to stay active and spending time at the gym. If I'm lucky and find a snowy mountain you'd probably see me shredding slopes on my snowboard.

I'm currently based in Perth, Australia but originate from Copenhagen, Denmark.